No matter what team they cheer for, ya' gotta love cheerleaders!

Those sexy, unsung heroes of the NFL!  There to entertain us during timeouts, give us something else to think about when our team is getting stomped and help ease the pain of realizing that; we can't afford another $12 dollar beer.

Some are genuinely talented, others have great routines to lean on but the actual cheerleader tryouts are when you get to see them for who they truly are!  The vid below features clips from the Miami Dolphin Cheerleader tryouts.  Some are smokin' hot, some are funny, some make you wonder WTF was she thinking?  (Some can even take your mind off that damn song!)

Grab a snack, turn your monitor away from your bosses desk and enjoy a little downtime. (At the companies expense of course!) The sexiest 5 minutes of your day are about to begin!