My daughter approached me about going to the Denver Pop Con about 3 weeks ago. She really wanted to go because she loved the movie “Shazam” and some of the stars were going to be there. In addition to the stars there was so, so much geek merchandise for sale. Here’s a video showing of some of the crap I purchased. Then, after the video, I have a few important notes for cos-players based on what I experienced at the Denver Pop Culture Con.

And now, a few notes for cos-players based on what I saw.

1.) This is the most important rule. BE REALISTIC ABOUT YOUR BODY TYPE

Know thyself. So said Socrates and it’s valuable advice for cos-playing. If you are way too skinny to pass for Thor, think about going as Spiderman instead. Pick out a character that you at least KIND OF look like. I saw a bald guy who must’ve gone close to 400 pounds. HE didn’t try to pull-off Captain America. He went as Kingpin…and FREAKING NAILED IT!

The exception is if you’re going for laughs. If that’s the case, by all means, go as morbidly obese Batman. You just have to commit completely and own it.

2.) This doesn’t apply to kids. Kids should be allowed to go as whatever makes them happy. If a little girl wants to be Hulk, she should be Hulk. If a little boy want to be Wonder Woman, more power to him. Also, it is my opinion that kids playing dress-up should be immune from “cultural appropriation” complaints.

3.) Be willing to adjust your look. I saw numerous couples going as John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Hellooo?? They’re not even a couple anymore. It could have worked if you’d been willing to add a dagger and some gory blood to Daeny’s costume. Update yo’ s#**, people.

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