The KLAQ Morning Show (minus Fernie) was invited to the KVIA studios to record a holiday greeting...and who do you think Lisa was dying to bring?

Buzz Adams and the rest of the morning show crew were invited over to KVIA to record a holiday greeting for El Paso and we all happily agreed. When I was first asked if I would do this, my initial question to my boss was, "Well, what about Tubby?" Luckily, my boss completely understands my obsession with my pooch, his cat Boo is pretty spoiled as well and he happily agreed to let me take Tubby to our video shoot.

If you were wondering if Tubby had that sweet looking Santa suit before I knew we had to do this video the answer is no. Although I wasn't too upset at the excuse to purchase another item of clothing for him. Besides, he has a pug Christmas party (not even kidding) this Sunday he is going to wear it too. Check out the video above and Happy Holday to you all!!

Note: No pugs were harmed in the making of this video. No matter how irritated he looks.