Mark Tremonti has his new album, "All I Was" out, and has hit the road in support! He put together a little band tat also features one of his friends, and son-of-a-famous-guy Wolfgang Van Halen on bass! There's a little of the rehearsal, sound check, and preparation for the first show. There's even a "Ronsoning" at about 2:15! That Ronson affects everyone!

This new album is full of heavier stuff than either of Mark's band projects, and he's said he saves the heavier riffs for his solo thing, being heavily influenced by thrash and really heavy music. The first single, "You Waste Your Time" rips out some great riffage, and shows that he's not a bad singer, either!

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Oh, and just for you guitar-nerds like me, check out some cool stuff with Mark and Rusty Cooley checking out some cool licks.