Mark Tremonti's a busy, busy guy, with Creed back together this year, Alter Bridge continuing to kick ass, and his new solo album out. He's about to hit the road to support his solo CD "All I Was", and he's working with his touring band, which just so happens to include Wolfgang Van Halen on bass! Check out the video from the Eve to Adam guys, who are hosting the rehearsals.

Side note guys...hold the phone horizontally to get better video that doesn't look like you shot it through a keyhole while trying to film Erin Andrews naked. It just looks better that way.

Wolfgang and Mark have been friends for a while now, which is how Tremonti got to hear the new Van Halen CD before anyone else, prompting his comments to the world about how great the CD is.

Wolfie has time, since Van Halen won't be able to hit the road again until sometime next year.