Metallica's All Within My Hands Foundation has stepped up to the plate to help our Texans out. Last month Texas had suffered a severe winter storm that left many without power and water. Luckily, El Paso wasn't affected and managed to still have power and water during the time of the winter storm.

All Within My Hands Foundation supports workforce education, fighting hunger, and other services. Metallica's always been a band that lends a helping hand when particular communities are needing some assistance. Well, last month on Valentine's Day the majority of Texas had suffered a power outage and without water for weeks.

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Metallica always jumps at the chance to help out a community that is in need during tough times. Hence, why their All Within My Hands Foundation donated $75,000 to Feeding America. They donated a generous amount in order to help Texans that were deeply affected. Metallica's donation will be distributed to food banks in Texas to help fight hunger.

You may also recall another time Metallica stepped it up to help earn donations for El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Bank. During KLAQ's BBQ on Memorial Day weekend, we set up a tent outside Wet N' Wild asking for monetary or canned donations to help out El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank. Metallica's annual 'Day of Service' focuses on helping local food banks.

So to help us score donations for our local food bank Metallica donated an autographed commemorative tour poster. Hopefully, those who held on to their grudge about the Napster and Metallica situation can finally let it go.

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