There are plenty of Supernatural fans in El Paso that were bummed about Mark Sheppard's demise from the show, but stoked about his presence in Chuco Town. Mark Sheppard played Crowley a shapeshifter on the television show Supernatural from 2009 to 2017. I am unsure as to what Mark Sheppard could be doing in El Paso but no complaints here.

Well, Mark Sheppard posted a selfie of himself on Instagram bundled up in a familiar spot any true El Pasoan could pinpoint. Most of Mark Sheppard's selfie features just a small portion of his background. But even just from that little bit, any true El Pasoan could know exactly where Mark Sheppard took his selfie at.

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I automatically knew the whereabouts Mark Sheppard took his selfie at in El Paso. If you know or have an idea scroll down and place your answer in the poll below. There's an obvious hint in case you're having a hard time determining where exactly Mark Sheppard is.

There are some really small letters adjacent to Mark Sheppard's eyes that spell Hotel. Should you need another helpful hint, the particular spot he's snapping a selfie is nearby where the Downtown Street Festival originally used to be. If you're still unsure then this final hint is a dead giveaway that you will hopefully get.

The day the remodeling began is when the hotel retired its former name, Camino Real Hotel. Hopefully, Mark Sheppard enjoyed his time and stay in El Paso and was left with a good impression. But give yourself a pat on the back for being able to pinpoint Mark Sheppard's exact location from the little you see.

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