Former El Pasoan Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie is a star. He has celebrity friends, over  800,000 followers on Instagram, been featured on the Today show, The Dodo, and adoring fans all over the world. You can even get a Cameo personalized video from the talkative fellow and you know he's a hot commodity on the site.

Back in April of 2019, Walter moved back to El Paso and people were so excited at the possibility they could catch a glimpse of Walter at the dog park or riding around town, yelling at his mom from the backseat. Since then, he's moved to greener pastures in Texas but Walter has always had a place in our hearts as one of El Paso's hometown heroes.

Walter Geoffrey has so many adoring fans he and his mom Amber have decided they will be releasing a Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie stuffed animal you can buy. Sadly, the toy won't be available for purchase until August or September but we did get a sneak peek of what the toy will look like.

Even though all the Walter fans will be excited, Walter himself not so much. Looks like the lookalike toy confused him and maybe even irritated him. I mean, what kind of animal makes that much noise? Oh wait, he does. So it's not surprising to see Littles was so eager to play with the toy, after all, it sounds just like her big brother.

See the video below of what the Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie toy will look like and sound like. We can't wait to get our hands on one of these toys for ourselves.

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