Guns N' Roses is in the Sun City and it's a very special day we have been long awaiting since last year's announcement. Thought this cartoon would be funny and awesome to watch of Axl Rose rocking on the job.....LITERALLY!

Ger O'Connell put this little cartoon together that shows Axl Rose giving a customer a foodie rocking show. The cartoon features of Axl Rose is right on point with his bandana and long hair. The cartoon creator didn't land the vocal chords but still made a kick a** verse. The fast food restaurant is called McDoogal's and has a few other band members from Guns N' Roses. It was funny how every time the customer tried to order Axl would turn the request into a song. If the Guns N' Roses crew ever worked at a joint like above, I am sure customers wouldn't mind the wait.

Today is a Guns N' Roses kind of day since we've been holding onto our patience and can finally let loose tonight!


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