This Friday is National Donut Day. See what places in El Paso want to hook you up!

National Donut Day was first started in 1938 to commemorate Salvation Army workers who surprised soldiers with donut deliveries. Since then, donut establishments all over off free donuts to celebrate and remind people of how awesome donuts are.

Dunkin' Donuts will be offering a free donut of choice with the purchase of a beverage. Dunkin Donuts are located at:

  • 1310 Cassidy Rd in El Paso
  • 6045 Montana Ave Suite 100 in El Paso
  • 655 E Redd Rd Ste 101 in El Paso
  • 1105 N. Yarbrough Dr. in El Paso
  • 1355 George Dieter in El Paso
  • 12379 Edgemere in El Paso
  • 9114 Dyer in El Paso
  • 3835 East Lohman in Las Cruces
  • 2527 North Main in Las Cruces

Krispy Kreme Donuts will be offering free donuts at no cost this Friday. Limit 1 per customer.
Krispy Kreme Donuts are located at:

  • 11915 Gateway Blvd West in El Paso
  • d7640 North Mesa St. in El Paso
  • 9040 B Dyer St. in EL Paso

Hillside Coffee and Donut Co. will be offering a free donut of choice with the purchase of a beverage. Hillside Donut is located at 4935 North Mesa in the Montebello shopping center.

Tasty Donut Cafe will be having specialty donuts with different types of cereal on top, and if you buy a 1/2 dozen or dozen donuts you get a free donut. Tasty Donut is located at 11660 Montwood Dr Suite J.



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