Happy Hispanic Heritage month! As a Hispanic, we all know that music plays a major role in our lives. Music has the power to transport us, motivate us and sometimes even heal us.

I recently wrote about how TikTok is making our parents' favorite songs popular again- and towards the end, some of the songs were Rock en Español. Seeing as how we are a rock station, I figured a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, I'd ask our faithful followers what their favorite rock en Español song was.

Yes, we're aware that the tilde is missing in "Español" (thank you for pointing it out!) but for the most part we got some great answers!

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I'm not sure what it is about rock en Español, but isn't there something comforting about having a favorite genre of music in a language that you understand, I mean other than English? It feels more personal somehow.

As usual, y'all did not let us down! Below are some of the favorites you commented!

We got some of the usual's like Maná and their classics like "Clavado en un bar"

And you also love the heartbreaking story of la loca "En el Muelle de San Blas"

Some of you took it all the way back to some Caifanes with their hit "La Célula que explota"

To some, Soda Stereo's songs hit you deeper since the death of Gustavo Cerati- and many of us love to scream out to "musica ligera"

Many of you love Héroes del Silencio and their hit "entre dos tierras"

By the way, Netflix has a great documentary on Héroes del Silencio that I highly recommend!

El Tri was also a favorite. Alex Lora's voice is unmatchable and "las piedras rodantes" is a beautiful song about growing up.

Of course there were so many more songs you included, so I decided to make a playlist! Check it out below. My favorite thing about this playlist is that it is perfect because it was totally created by you, our faithful followers! Also, Netflix has a really great docu-series on the history of Rock en Español called "Break it All: The History of Rock in Latin America" if you're interested in learning more!



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