Happy Hispanic Heritage month to all my fellow Hispanics. It's our month to truly shine and. Most importantly, it's also a great time to remind everyone else why being Hispanic is great.

A great way to celebrate is by going to museums and whatnot, my favorite way? Checking out memes and Twitter. I know I'm not the only one because lots of other users totally thought the same thing

Here are ten great Tweets to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, and, trust me, you might agree with some of them.

Let's start with the breakfast of champions, don't deny your love for it!

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And when we want a simple snack, this one will always hit the spot:

We can't forget the Coca-Cola to wash it down (it tastes better when it's in a bag).

Don't forget to look in your stove before you decide to bake anything!

We know that it's going to be a fancy meal when the chairs look like this:

If you're reaching for the butter, don't be surprised if you get chile instead!

It's time we rethink the meaning of MILF, because I prefer this one:

And because Halloween is right around the corner, it's only appropriate to celebrate like this:

And a very special happy Hispanic Heritage month to Edgar, who will go down in history as a legend!

And just a little history on this beloved Hispanic moment!

Out of all of these, this one has to be my favorite, for obvious reasons.

I know, to some, these may seem stereotypical and offensive, but I think they're hilarious and a great way of showing that we have a great sense of humor!


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