Earth Day is Sunday April 22, and if you already knew that well your chances of finding a date have just skyrocketed. Online dating app Zoosk did a survey of its members and analyzed about 120,000 profiles and turns out, caring about the environment is kind of a turn on. Zoosk broke it down like this:

  • 78% of singles want to date someone who cares about the environment.  Online daters say they really want to find someone who cares about the environment and women want it more, 85% of women say it's important to find someone who will care as much as they do.
  • Caring about the environment makes you hotter. 58% of singles say that caring for the environment makes you more attractive, and women really love a green guy, 65% of women think people who care for the environment are hotter than those who don't.
  • 91% of singles consider themselves environmentally friendly. And of them, the most environmentally people come from: Vermont, Alaska, Kentucky, Connecticut & Virginia.
  • 74% of singles think littering is a deal breaker. While 81% percent think littering is just annoying, the 74% will dump you if they see you littering!
  • Mentioning the environment in your dating profile can help you get attention. The top phrases to use if you want to attract someone are "reuse," "organic," "environment," "farmers market" & "nature"
  • Impress them on an environmentally friendly date. 54% like the beach, 56.2%  like a picnic, 48.5% want to go stargazing, 48% would like to go to the farmers market and 47% like going hiking on a date.

Going to the farmers market actually sounds like a fun date! The next time you pick up that trash, turn off the lights and recycle you never know who you could be attracting! Happy Earth Day!

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