Everyone is familiar with the card game Cards Against Humanity that was only made for adults. Well, there is a new card game that is similar to Cards Against Humanity just with a twist. The new card game is called Cards Against Disney that will excite your inner child but not meant for kids to play (if you have any). This new card game takes Disney on a whole other level with the insane responses that are Disney related. If you've played Cards Against Humanity quite often then you can get bored of it. But now you can play a game with the same concept just with a twist and new jokes. As JP mentions above in his review he played Cards Against Humanity often and got bored of it. Cards Against Disney reworded questions from Cards Against Humanity but include Disney characters.

Basically this game is like Disney gone wild that is not meant for children to play. Cards Against Disney is meant for ages 17 and up and can have up to 20 players. This adult Disney card game is a bit pricier than Cards Against Humanity by $30 at least. If you watch the review above, you will see some of the questions and answers are out there. For example, 3 minutes and 49 seconds in the video shows an answer involving Tinker Bell. So if you're a fan of Cards Against Humanity and Disney this game is worth buying to play with friends. This game is one way to kiss your childhood innocence goodbye.

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