A man nearly kills two people and, when confronted, says he doesn't care. WTF!? (Language NSFW!)

A motorcyclist tried to pass a car and the driver intentionally hit him. The old bastard got out of his car, admitted what he did and said he didn't care about hitting the bike. Then he blamed the biker for crossing a double yellow line. Really? A minor traffic violation yeah but, not a reason to kill someone. The biker explained his actions on Facebook adding that the same driver once tried to hit his friend.

On camera, the driver changes his story saying he swerved because a wasp stung him but then goes back to "I don't care". According to the story I read, he will be prosecuted and I hope he gets years behind bars.

[UPDATE] He's been charged with 2 felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The rider was pretty banged up but will be ok. His girlfriend was rushed to ICU and, later, underwent surgery for a bad arm injury.