Sure, it doesn't officially kick in until September 22nd but, I can already kind of feel it in the air. Can you?

Despite what the official date for the start of fall is, there is always a certain day where I swear I can feel nature shift gears and I know it has begun. Today was that day for 2020. A year that has been pretty damn crazy so far.

There is a lot to look forward to, most especially cooler temperatures. The high temperatures this week won't top 100 even once and It should be really pleasant from here through, (practically) the New Year since we have a really long fall. That slight change in the breeze, the lower temps, and the smell of roasting chilis all signal fall's approach and give me that little push to start getting back outside. (I love summer evenings by the pool or sipping a beer on the porch but, with my light complexion, if I walk outside between 10am and 7pm; I'll burst into flame.) This is an especially great time for motorcycling and there are plenty of places to ride, most of which offer even cooler climates and a true, multicolored seasonal change.

Plus, football returns in a couple of weeks and, while it will be cooler, it's still warm enough to enjoy some summertime fun like swimming, grilling, etc. All while gathering up some firewood for your fireplace or the backyard chiminea as those sorts of evenings will be here soon too.  I'm looking forward to those too and all the cool things that occur or become available in fall. (Although, you can take Pumpkin Spice "anything" and shove it.)

That being said 2020, enough with all the hijinx ... don't screw up our Autumn.

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