As El Paso's windy season approaches ... , or starts, depending on who you ask ... the question arises; when does the weather make being in El Paso kinda suck?

El Paso is an awesome place to live, year - round, but some seasons are absolutely easier to deal with than others. Which is worse though? Ask several different area residents that question and you'll get different answers.

I really think most El Pasoans would agree with my own answer to that question. It's not the heat, I'll tell you that much. Let's look at the options.

Most areas of the country get 4 seasons. Here in the Southwest, we typically get 2. Spring and Summer alternate with maybe a week or two of cold weather just to mix things up and let the reptiles rest a minute.

Throughout the year, we measure our seasons in ways other than Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. We get Monsoon, Nice, Winter, (well, "cold"), Windy and Summer.

Summer and Monsoon split their time so, they count as one.

Tropical Rain Storm Brings Flooding To Miami Area
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Monsoon Season 

I LOVE monsoon season because I like rain and this is the only time we really get any. It causes problems though because we're not designed for heavy waterflow.

Our city engineers can't seem to figure out that a ton of water isn't going to take one or two little drainage ditches and quietly flow by. Water, pretty much, goes where it wants.

Anyway, aside from the flooding and the mosquito takeovers near the river, Monsoon season is a nice break from the Summer heat.

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Duke Keith/El Paso Townsquare

Nice Season

This falls between, roughly, mid - September and December.

Maybe January, it depends.

Everything is green thanks to Monsoon season, temperatures are mild, there's no wind and it's a wonderful time to be outside.

Winter Storm Brings Over 6 Inches Of Snow To Chicago
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Cold. (AKA Fall/Winter)

Fall implies leaves changing colors, Winter implies snow, ice, etc. Those things don't happen here.

It gets cold enough that we may need a jacket here and there. (At temps that peeps from up north are still wearing bikinis in.)

Somewhere around January, we may see some real winter ... sleet, snow, etc ... but it doesn't really stick and we're (usually) back to 60-70 degree highs in a day.or two.

Damaging Winds And Heavy Rain Hit Sydney
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Windy. (AKA Spring)

Spring starts, officially, in March and sucks until June. Then, it's calm, we're all bbq-ing and making travel plans while Monsoon warms up.

The intro to Monsoon is ok, the reason March - June sucks is the freakin' wind.

I have never lived, or been, anywhere with the wind we get.

The hurricanes that I experienced living in Houston didn't create the constant, annoying, sand blasting, visibility restricting, property damaging, life threatening, allergy sparking, asthma inducing, eye stinging stuff we get.

Sand Storm Covers Al Asad
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Seriously, extreme temperatures can be life threatening and flooding can also be a threat.

WInd though is just straight up out to get us. Power goes out, vehicles blow over, roofs fly off, street signs sail across highways trying to decapitate people, visibility sucks, etc, etc.

For a good example of a Spring day in the 915, click here. For some other extreme El Paso weather records, click here.

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