First and foremost, I have to tell you, this... was... AWESOME! Buzz and I had our own archery contest at High Desert Outfitters inside Sportsman's Elite in El Paso.

This all started as a regular competition of "William Tell" to see who could hit an apple off the dummy's head. And by dummy, I mean the zombie dummy, not Buzz. Then, Buzz decided to up the stakes a little bit: one point if you hit the zombie in the body, five points if you hit the head, and 10 points if you hit the apple. Of course, he mentions that the apple is really risk/reward and it should be worth more points, so we upped the ante to 20 points for the apple. The zombie with the apple was set up at 20 yards for the video below.

One of the coolest parts of all of this is that you can go do this for just $15. You rent the equipment and get access to the range. How long can you play Hawkeye for that $15? If no one else is waiting, you can stay pretty much as long as you want. But if there are other groups of people, you get the range for an hour for that $15.

So, obviously I kicked Buzz's butt in the competition. After we were done filming, I kept going. Buzz was heading to his car to leave, but when he heard I was moving the target to 30 yards he turned on his heel and came right back. I ended up hitting the apple twice at 30 yards. So of course, this meant we needed to move it further. 40 yards! And yes, I hit at 40 yards as well.

You can check out all the great stuff High Desert Outfitters has to offer by CLICKING HERE. You can also check out their Facebook page by CLICKING HERE. High Desert Outfitters is located inside Sportsman's Elite on the west side of El Paso at 4520 Doniphan Dr., El Paso, TX 79922.

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