There's a text-trail from Buzz to Brandon of snide comments made when the Falcons were up by 14, 21 and 28 points during Super Bowl LI on Sunday.

  • Sunday 5:28 pm: "Hey, Brandon, how do you like your fish? Right side or left side of your face?! LOLOLOLOL!
  • Sunday 6:47 pm: "Hey, Coates! I can probably make it to Whole Foods to get the fish tonight if you want to get it over with tomorrow morning!
  • Sunday 7:15 pm: "Brah, it's 28-3, I'm going to bed. I hope you're ready for your snapper smack down! Bring some tartar sauce! Teeheeeheeehee!

Yes, Buzz went to bed and missed the Patriots' historic comeback. It wasn't until Monday morning that he discovered that it would be HE, not Brandon, who would receive the fish slap.

Why a fish slap? You know, we never really pinned that reason down. Shrug. It's was just something great to do.

And here it is:

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