Today's Buzz vs. Brandon is a combination of two time-honored games that morons like to play. The first is Bloody Knuckles, which I played in grades 5-8. Rules vary according to geography, but the gist is this: a challenge is taken (flinchies, tic tac toe). The loser has to receive a blow from their opponent usually in the form of a pencil across the knuckles as hard as possible. After several rounds, one or both competitors will have shed blood from the knuckle area.

The other game is Quarters. If you've ever had a drink in your life, you've played quarters.   It's the drinking game wherein you try and bounce quarters into a shot glass or beer mug. Bloody Knuckles Quarters has a lot less drinking and a lot more pain. (Not counting the pain of your hangover if you really suck at Quarters.)

I could explain the rules of Bloody Knuckles Quarters to you but that would risk putting this post into TL;DR territory. It's much easier if you just watch the video of us playing,

Ed. note: you could easily add doing shots to this game

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