The musical intro of the following ZBay video explains comprehensively why Buzz Adams regularly receives things in the mail that he doesn’t remember ordering. Well, Buzz must have been very, very bored during his holiday break. On his first day back at work, Buzz had multiple deliveries waiting. A plethora of packages. Truly, a small mountain of mail-order goods.

ZBay is like the very popular “unboxing” videos on YouTube but with a unique twist. When most YouTubers open boxes they usually have a least some kind of idea what is in the packages. Due to a combination of sleeping pills and a lack of self-restraint, Buzz usually has NO idea. So, this is an unboxing video in which no one…not even the person who ordered the stuff…has a clue of what might be inside.

Today’s ZBay unboxing is preceded by Buzz showing us the not-one-but-TWO teddy bears he received for Christmas this year. Buzz requested that we be clear about this: he didn’t order or purchase either of the teddy bears. They were given to him as gifts. Suuuuure they were.

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