There’s a new prank that has gone viral. In the #TurkeyChallenge you ask your mom how to cook a 25 pound turkey in a microwave oven.

We’ve demonstrated in the past that my mom is very trusting and doesn’t realize she’s being pranked until you TELL her she’s being pranked. So, how would Shirley respond to the Turkey Challenge (#TurkeyChallenge) ?

You can find out by watching the video below. We recorded ourselves making the actual call because you had everybody in the room trying not to laugh out loud after my poor, poor mom explained for the 5th time that “you can’t put aluminum foil in a microwave!”.

First, however, here are a few of the text conversations (which is how the #TurkeyChallenge has mostly been applied) from around the internet, check it out here and here 

Actually, you CAN cook a turkey in a microwave oven. This helpful article from the University of Illinois gives advice on things such as the preferred kind of turkey (small, under 10 lbs.) and interior cooking temperature. The first thing it advises, though, is that you really shouldn’t cook a turkey in the microwave.

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