Have your heard of the Credit Card Challenge? No, it’s not where you get a credit card right out of high school and see how much crippling debt you can run up before you’re old enough to legally drink. What kind of challenge would THAT be?

It’s a different kind of Credit Card Challenge and this is supposed to be how you do it:

DAYUUUUM! The dad said he’d get ANYTHING he wanted if he won the CCC! How hard can this be if a little kid can do it? I’m in!

(SPOILER: I should have known this wasn’t on the level when I was told I had to use my own credit card. Also, I’m right now seeing on YouTube that the “Credit Card Challenge” is actually called the “Credit Card PRANK”! It’s also just dawning on me that I’m the only one over the age of 12 that is doing this “challenge”.)


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