Greetings, residents of Monday, January 11th! This is Buzz Adams coming to you from that long-ago, almost forgotten time of Friday, January 8th. You already know who won in the NFL Wildcard match-ups but I’M stuck here in the past.

I’m SO looking forward to this weekend's games! It’s the best time of the year: every game is do or die. Nobody’s going to pull starters to try and get a better draft pick or because they’ve already punched their ticket. It is about the get REAL and I love it!

Brandon, Steve Kaplowitz, and I decided to do our Fox NFL Sunday impersonation and make predictions on all the games. Think of Kappy as the Jay Glazer because he’s the most knowledgeable. I’m Michael Strahan because I own one of his signature suits from JCPenny's. And Brandon is Terry Bradshaw because he’s bald.

Here are our picks from Friday. Only YOU, people of the future, know who was right and who was wrong.

Buffalo Bills vs. Indianapolis Colts


Kap- Bills

Brandon- Bills

Seattle Seahawks vs. LA Rams


Kap- Seahawks

Brandon- Rams

Washington Football Team vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buzz- Tampa

Kap – Tampa

Brandon- Tampa

Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens

Buzz- Ravens

Kap – Ravens

Bran- Titans

New Orleans Saints vs. Chicago Bears

Buzz- Saints (Who Dat?)

Kap – Saints

Bran- Saints

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

Buzz- Steelers

Kap – Browns

Bran- Browns

Today, we’ll be making our picks for the NCAA Championship Game. I’m leaning heavily toward the Tide but I’m open to any arguments anyone has in favor of Ohio State.

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