November 1st McDonald's announced a nationwide limited-time offer of 1 of the most coltish foods the McRib is back baby. Yes, starting November 1st you'll be able to find the McRib everywhere and not just for today but at least a couple of weeks.

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Buzz shocked us all when this news story made him confess to never having tried McDonald's McRib before. Buzz had a problem with the shape of the McRib which mimics bone-in baby back ribs and made him think you might bite into some bone. Yet also the fact that the meat is pressed into a rib shape makes him question the quality of the meat and even the animal the meat might come from. My response to that? Duh.


I even asked him what he thought chicken nuggets are made out of, and he looked me straight in the face and said," Oh, I have no fricking clue, but in that instance, I don't care, I'm having me some chicken/meat product nuggets." Double standard? I think so. So I ventured out to my nearest Micky D's and bought the special of two McRibs which comes as a deal for $6.98 and set upon my journey to enlighten Buzz to a new McRib world.

The verdict? Buzz didn't think it was too bad! It was a little cold because the sandwiches had been sitting out a bit before buzz had a chance to bite in. But he said it wasn't the worst, which from Buzz is a winning endorsement.

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