October 22nd is National Color Day, a day focusing on reminding us that color is all around us. It's hard to imagine a life without color. From trees and flowers to the color of lights, it's all part of our lives. So The Buzz Adams Morning Show asked: what is your favorite color and why?

Buzz said his favorite color is burgundy or a crimson red if you're an Oklahoma Sooners fan. "I like a dark type of red because it's a powerful color, it makes me feel powerful, and it's the color of my alma mater Oklahoma Sooners. I get a lot of things in that color, even the walls in my house, which not everyone loves. If somebody gave me a gift and it was burgundy, then I would think, "this person knows me pretty well."

Joanna said her favorite color is pink, "I don't know why I like it. I wanted to be the pink power ranger, and maybe that's it. Pink makes me happy when I see it. I buy a lot of things for myself in pink. Sometimes people give me a present in purple, and I think, you think my favorite color is purple?"

Nico says his favorite color is green, "my favorite superhero growing up was the Green Lantern. He could use his power ring to create holographic constructs of anything, but it had to be in green. I buy things in that color for myself. I set all the color schemes and backgrounds of my apps to green. But not teal or forest green; it needs to be in between that." 

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Everyone has a diverse range of favorite colors, each with personal meanings behind them. And that's the importance behind National Color Day. A day to recognize the importance of color in your life, so be mindful of how they impact you.

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