Supply chain shortages have been seen across the world in various markets and now it's hitting the fake Christmas tree business. Throughout 2021, we've been hearing about several shortages that Americans have been facing. Everything from chicken, condiments, oat milk, fireworks, and even the beloved Valentina sauce is harder and harder to find. And these shortages are also affecting how we celebrate the holidays. For Halloween, there are shipping delays which will make it harder for your Halloween decorations, candy, and even costumes to get here on time. And now another major holiday is being affected by delays.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, companies that make artificial trees and Christmas decorations are telling consumers they might be paying more for their Christmas cheer. Balsam Hill is reporting that prices could be going up as much as 25% this holiday season, per Insider. The company says they're forced to raise prices on artificial wreaths, trees, and other faux tree accessories. This is due to the difficulty of finding raw materials, shortages of labor, shipping containers, and more.

If spending more for Christmas decorations wasn't bad enough, toy companies are also warning parents to purchase their Christmas presents early due to similar supply issues. Thankfully, no word on whether or not that Thanksgiving turkey is going to be late. But here's to hoping it's not.

Find out more information at the Wall Street Journal website.

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