It may seem like it's too soon to start worrying about your Halloween costume but supplies could be extra low this year. Here's why.

The month of August just began, but for Halloween lovers, you better start figuring what you want to be this year. That's because there may be a shortage of costumes, candy, and more all thanks to the pandemic.

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While there have been some other issues, like the shipping container that got stuck in the Suez canal, the freak winter storm that hit Texas this year, the real issue is the pandemic. Industry experts are seeing shipping issues across the country due to supply-chain issues, labor workers, and more per Inc. This means some of the Halloween staples like decorations, candy, and even costumes could be in short supply this October.

To make sure you aren't stuck with less than stellar options this Halloween, start planning out what you want your costume to be and look around for those Halloween decorations. Many stores have already begun rolling out their Halloween merchandise to the delight of Fall fans everywhere. Home Depot has released their Halloween decorations which include the wildly popular 12-foot tall yard skeleton.

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