El Paso County commissioners have voted to ban the sales of aerial fireworks with "sticks and missiles with fins" also known as "sticks and fins". Well, they're banned for at least the Fourth of July holiday period.

According to the ban, it's all has to do with the drought conditions throughout the county. KVIA reports that the commissioners were given three options by the governmental affairs manager:

  • Continue all firework sales
  • Ban "sticks and fins"
  • Have the county judge ban the sale of all fireworks for 60 hours and issue an local disaster declaration

The ban of "sticks and fins" is County Judge Ricardo Samaniego's way of finding the balance between public safety and meeting the needs of the businesses who sell fireworks. We all see the posts outside the city limits, and for the most part, KVIA reports that several fireworks vendors were pretty okay with the sticks and fins ban.

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This doesn't mean ALL fireworks are banned, there are others that would be okay for sale. However, a new problem may be an obstacle for fireworks on Fourth of July: a fireworks shortage.

A new report shows that there could be a FIREWORKS shortage for the Fourth of July and they might be a little more expensive this year. Because of the pandemic (of course) some places that sell them haven't been able to get as many fireworks. Vendors across the country report their stock of fireworks is dwindling as many are waiting on shipments from China.

Maybe this means that I won't be woken up well into July 5th by my neighbors blasting fireworks from their backyards? Probably not.


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