This week, we gave WWE fans the chance to get up close and personal for this weekend's WWE house show in Las Cruces. These tickets are the ones that are so close the wrestlers can hear and see you cheer them on. True fans deserve these seats and would truly appreciate the experience the most. For this giveaway, we decided to go ahead and do a new contest, "Related Rasslin'". We gave out four poems about a current Smackdown wrestler, male or female, who have a family member that wrestled in WWE too. Here are the poems from this week's giveaway:

They don't care if you like them, all they need is each other
Sons of the Stinkface master, Tag team brothers
Dressed in all black, no time for fun
Here to ruthlessly win, They've been down since Day One.

Answer: --The Usos--

After the Superstar Shake-up, the Usos came back with a new, more bad guy look, saying they didn't need the approval of the fans or other superstars. At first, the brothers dressed in all black street gear, but now have added some color and those amazing flannels I really wish I could buy that say "Day One Ish".

A winning heel, With an accent
Get ready for the main event
Traded in for gold, let Frankie retire
The only one left of three, the other 2 fired

Answer: --Carmella--

The Princess of Staten Island, Carmella is an amazing heel who calls herself "Main Event Mella" and even has the shirts at the WWE Shop to prove it. When she cashed in her buddy Frankie the Money in the Bank briefcase she won the gold by beating Charlotte Flair. She kept the championship belt for quite some time before being beat by Flair at this year's Summerslam. Now the belt is currently being held by Beck Lynch. When in NXT, Carmella was a manager for Big Cass and Enzo but sadly both male superstars were fired from the WWE.

A third generation, husky guy
To his tag team partner, he said goodbye
Family first for him, his sister most don't you know?
His grandpa played football at the West Texas town  of El Paso

Answer: --Bray Wyatt--

Bray Wyatt is a third generation wrestler. His father is Mike Rotunda and his grandfather was Blackjack Mulligan. Formerly known in NXT was Husky Harris, he transformed into Bray Wyatt. The Wyatt family includes his "sons" Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, and the trio all pay tribute to the powerful force, known as Sister Abigail. His grandfather Blackjack Mulligan played football in El Paso at Texas Western College, now known at the University of Texas at El Paso.

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