The NFL, and it's fans, are uneasy these days. The season may not happen at all and, if it does, new lines are being drawn regarding certain rivalries.

We all have our favorite teams and we all have our favorite teams to hate on. Dallas fans can't stand the Redskins. Ditto for The Seahawks and the 49'ers fans and the Raiders fans don't like ANYBODY.

Everyone's favorite "rage" target though, no matter who you like or whether or not your team even plays against them, would be the New England Patriots. They're my team by the way so, be nice. (Unless you want to hear Taylor Swift songs all day tomorrow.)  Anyway, as noted above, everyone hates the ... like it or not ... greatest franchise in NFL history. Especially, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. And that relationship has gotten tricky.

Brady has gone to Tampa Bay, a fact which the universe itself seems to hate. (Hence a global pandemic that shut down both the 2020 season and the entire freakin' world.) Anyway, now ... who hates who?  Are Tampa Bay fans that hate The Patriots/Tom Brady suddenly going to change their tune? Are all the Brady haters now suddenly going to appreciate the rest of the Patriots? Will the Belichick lovers now hate on Brady, or will the Brady lovers now hate on Belichick? If either team makes it to the Super Bowl, who will you cheer for? Brady and The Bucs, Bill and The Patriots or whichever team either may face?

I love 'em both, Bill and Tom. Since they won't face each other at all, short of a 1 in a million Patriots/Buccaneers Superbowl, I think I can cheer for both with a clear conscience. Should that happen though it would be the ultimate reckoning. Bill vs. Tom; who is the real Jedi?

That is, of course, if we get a season at all...

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