The Boston Police were touched when they heard about an El Paso boy saving his mom in the Walmart shooting. The El Paso boy, Eduardo was recognized for stepping up to help save his mom at Walmart. As parents, we are supposed to think quick and be the hero for our children but sometimes that isn't the case. Eduardo's mom was paralyzed out of fear and luckily Eduardo had to pull his mom to safety.

It is like they say you never know what you will do in a situation like that until it happens. Eduardo had to think and act quickly to make sure he got his mom out of danger. After the Boston Police heard his story they wanted to honor the boy for his courage. The Boston Police Department reached out to other Police Departments across the country and Canada telling Eduardo's story. The Boston Police Department got up to 50 agencies to participate in honoring the 9-year-old. Eduardo sure will make a good Policeman since he took action real quick at such a young age.

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