Calling all fellow elder emos! This is our time! The emo lifestyle is seeing a resurgence, especially among us elder millennials.

Most recently, the El Paso Chihuahuas celebrated an Emo Night (that I am completely bummed I missed out on) and had the coolest looking logo with Chico the Chihuahua reimagined as an emo chihuahua!

If they have this as a shirt I will take ten!

And now, grab your eyeliner and part your hair because the roller derby women of El Paso are bringing you a double header with a My Chemical Romance theme!

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On sunday, August 21st, the Borderland Roller Derby is making its comeback with a My Chemical Romance double header at the El Paso County Coliseum with  Borderland Roller Derby's The ChucoTown Chulas vs BRD’s Las Catrinas and BRD’s Las Viudas Negras vs BRD’s The Sexecutioners.

Sharing with the fans, the Borderland Roller Derby states:

Borderland Roller Derby is continuing the 2022 Season by introducing the league’s home-teams back onto the banked track after two years on hiatus due to the pandemic to battle it out for the championship title at the end of the year. The league is delivering its fans with the last DOUBLE HEADER of the season; catch two games for the price of one!

Doors open at 5 PM. Advanced Tickets are $7 and $10 at the Door, $7 with Military ID and $1 for Kids 10 and under. Advance tickets can be purchased at Tanya’s Gridiron (4620 Dyer St.) and from your favorite skater if you see them rolling around town! You can find out more here.

Will we see the skaters in "I'm Not Okay" outfits?

Or in their formal wear like in "Helena"?

Or maybe, we'll see them in their best "Welcome to the Black Parade" attire!

We'll find out when he ChucoTown Chulas, Las Catrinas, Las Viudas Negras and The Sexecutioners take to the track at the El Paso County Coliseum on Sunday, August 21st.

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