This probably doesn't come as that big of a surprise, but the border is going to remain closed to non-essential travel until 11:59pm on December 21st. With the numbers going the direction they are, this was expected. And it will most likely be extended even after December 21st because I don't see the number getting to a point that they should open the border up.

Mexico's Foreign Ministry confirmed the decision in a tweet by saying:

After reviewing developments regarding the spread of COVID-19 in both countries – and because various states are on orange (threat level) – Mexico proposed to the United States the extension by one month of non-essential land traffic in our common border.

  • Travelling for medical purposes
  • Travelling to attend school
  • Travelling to engage in trade, like truck drivers

These restrictions have hit the city of El Paso pretty hard because a lot of people from Juarez cross the border to shop. There's no telling how bad this is going to affect the economy of El Paso during the holiday season, but it's going to certainly do some damage. But closing the borders for non-essential travel is the right move. I've heard many, many stories of people still crossing the border, catching COVID-19, and bringing it back here. So clearly there are still ways and reasons to get across the border, but it is more difficult than normal.

I'll wrap this up with how I wrap up most of my articles at this point. Please, just follow the guidelines:

  • Wash your hands
  • Keep your distance
  • Wear a mask

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