There is a critical shortage of all blood types right now in the Borderland. Find out how to donate and help. Our local nonprofit blood bank Vitalant has declared a critical shortage of blood in the area and is asking all healthy individuals than can to donate blood. The holidays can be a difficult time for blood donations, with fewer people in town and many coming down with some sort of sickness. This year alone there were 21,000 fewer donations during the holiday season. Typically, Vitalant strives to have at least a 4-day supply of all blood types in case of an emergency. Currently, there is less than a 2-day supply of all blood types. Due to this shortage, Vitalant has declared a blood emergency and are imploring those who can to come down and donate blood.

Vitalant is asking for all blood donations but especially for platelets and Type O-negative, which is the universal blood type. To find out when and how to donate, call 877-258-4825 (877-25-VITAL) or going online to Vitalant has locations in El Paso and Las Cruces where you can donate:

  • Westside: 424 South Mesa Hills Drive
  • Eastside: 1338 North Zaragoza Drive
  • Las Cruces: 1200 Commerce Drive

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