I knew my list of Netflix's December releases was missing something! Last year, we got season four of Netflix's award winning sci-fi anthology series towards the end of 2017 but we really didn't get an announcement earlier on. When the show released, we got confirmation that we WOULD get a season five but the date was unknown.

Now, thanks to the Mirror, a screenshot of a now-deleted Tweet from a verified Netflix account shows the possible release date of season five- set your phasers to: DECEMBER 28! The date makes sense, season four was released on December 29, so it looks like Netflix is keeping in tradition with releasing the show towards the end of the year. 

A majority of us on the show enjoy "Black Mirror" if you've never seen it, it could be best described as a futuristic "Twilight Zone." Episodes are long but each season is only four to six episodes long; but be weary of binge watching them because they tend to make you a bit paranoid! I'm definitely looking forward to the next season and will be on the lookout for an actual confirmation date! In the meantime, if you've never seen it, might I suggest the episode entitled "White Christmas" it's episode four of season two.

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