The internet loves animal videos. Dogs who can do tricks, or cats who like to throw shot glasses off a counter are some of my favorites, but this bird laughed his way into my heart.

I love one of the best super-villains of all time, the Joker. This bird reminds me of all the time I spent trying to perfect my joker laugh. My laugh is terrible, but this bird has perfected it.

I want to know who taught this parrot how to imitate this laugh. Is it suppose to be The Joker, or does someone who owns the bird actually laugh like that? Either way, it's pretty adorable.

The video captured the bird make his evil entrance by pushing open a door and beginning to walk towards the camera laughing maniacally. It's an instant classic video that you will be playing at least three times.

If only I could make my cat dress up like Batman, I could make an adorable version of the Dark Knight.