This Sunday, the biggest gathering of El Paso food trucks is happening to help out one of their own in need. See how you get eat some amazing food for a good cause.

Robyn Renner is the owner of Red, White and Chew, an El Paso food truck that serves some of the most delicious, specialty pizzas in El Paso. This food truck was voted best pizza from City Magazine's "Best of the Best" for 2014. Chef Robyn serves up some of the most unique pizza options, like her Finger Lickin' BBQ Pork and Mac N Cheese pizza, Smoked Salmon pizza, The Bronx Pizza and even Buffalo Pizza Pie. You can check out her menu on her website but they even make a different specialty pizza every week.

Chef Robyn is known in the food truck community and has been a big part in the large food truck movement in El Paso. Robyn is a two-time cancer survivor and is now, once again, facing a long and hard battle. Robyn was diagnosed with frontal lobe glioma-astrocytoma, a type of cancer of the brain. Because of how loved she is in the El Paso food truck community, a large group of El Paso food trucks are getting together for a fundraiser and for truck rally on May 17th to help Chef Robyn with her growing medical bills.

Chef Robyn has only asked for people to pray for her to recover, but her supporters believe they can do more. More than 30 food trucks will be attending and serving their delicious, gourmet food and a portion of all sales will be going to Chef Robyn's medical bills.

The food truck rally will be held Sunday, May 17th at Cowtown Boots, 11401 Gateway Blvd West. There will also be a car show, and they are organizing bands and DJs to perform. If there is anyone who would like to donate their time, please contact Liza Mata at (915) 920-1324 or Jessie Mata at (915) 691-8598.

You can also donate to Robyn Renner on the GoFundMe page that has been put up to help her. Come out, have fun, eat some awesome food, and help out a wonderful El Pasoan in need!

Red White and Chew