In a ridiculous tale of endurance and survival, Christy Perry, a 25-year-old hiker from Houston, Texas, was found alive A WEEK after she went missing in Big Bend National Park.

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Perry had embarked on a solo hiking trip on November 9, 2023, intending to camp in the park.

However, she never arrived at her designated campsite, leading to a concerning disappearance report filed by her family.

The National Park Service, in coordination with various law enforcement agencies, swiftly launched a large-scale search operation.

This intense search, spanning both land and air, finally paid off when Perry was discovered near the Lost Mine Trail, where she had lost her way.

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Crazily, she managed to survive without any food, relying solely on rainwater for hydration.

She was found awake and responsive, a testament to her resilience.

After her rescue, Perry was promptly airlifted to a hospital for medical treatment.

This dramatic rescue was captured on video by local news outlet KHOU, showing the moment Perry was transported by helicopter to receive the necessary medical care.

The exact reasons behind Perry’s misadventure remain a mystery.

Jennifer McCann, a hiking expert interviewed by KHOU, speculated that the foggy conditions on the day Perry disappeared might have played a role, particularly if she was not familiar with the trail.

Perry's horrible experience is a reminder of the risks of hiking, particularly in unfamiliar or challenging environments.

It also highlights the absolute importance of preparedness and adaptability in survival situations.

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