Democratic sometime-frontrunner Joe Biden is travelling in the early battleground state of Iowa and we’ve gotten a look at his official 2020 campaign slogan. It sounds like something an 1800s prospector would say: No malarkey!

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Continues "No Malarkey" Bus Tour Through Iowa
Getty Images

Being “out of touch” with younger voters has been one of the big knocks against the former Vice President. Having a slogan that sounds like something your great-grandmother might have said to avoid cursing in front of the other ladies from the Temperance Movement probably isn’t going to help with that. Maybe that’s the point. It’s possible they Biden campaign has realized there’s NOTHING they can do to make Biden connect to millennial's so their just doubling down on Boomers.

But it does make me wonder: If “No Malarkey” is what they went with…what slogans did they pass on?

  • “Enough is enough, carnsarnit!”
  • “No more guff, mister!”
  • “Ah, horsefeathers, sez I”
  • “Biden: He’s the Cat’s Pajamas!”
  • “Biden for the White House. Trump for the hoosegow!”

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