El Paso you must be careful when you are in a rush to pay for your gas at the pump. Not so long ago a friend of mine had been the one to warn me about skimmers. I was clueless as to what a skimmer was until she taught me one good lesson.

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She had warned me about what to look out for if I pay for gas at the pump instead of going inside. If you always pay at the pump instead of seeing the cashier don't pay at the pump if you see a red void sticker on the machine.

Usually, when you spot those red stickers means that the machine has been tampered with and possibly has a skimmer. The skimmer can read and save your card information for the hackers that placed them there at the pump.

That friend that warned me had it happen to her and had to visit her bank to take care of extra charges she hadn't placed. Now despite being in a rush or not I now prefer to avoid those types of problems by taking the extra time to pay inside.

Another way to be able to tell if the card reader has been tampered with is if it seems wobbly and not firm in place. Hopefully, you don't ever come across a skimmer during the times you're in a rush and need to get gas in the future. But if you do pay at the pump make sure to look out for the red void sticker that will warn you if that machine has been messed with.

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