Signs have been posted around the Kern Place neighborhood warning residents of a potential cat killer on the streets. While out walking in the Kern Place neighborhood, I saw white papers taped to various poles with the words "Neighborhood Alert!" in bright red letters. I walked up to the sign and saw a frightening message written on the paper.

According to the person who posted this message, there have been instances of people shooting and killing cats in the area around Baltimore Street. On the neighborhood social site NextDoor, people who live in the area began commenting saying that this isn't just a problem in Kern Place and that cats have been targeted in other neighborhoods as well. Around the UTEP and Kern neighborhoods, there are large colonies of feral cats that roam the streets and can damage homes. These cats can burrow underneath houses during the cold weather and leave food, defecate, and even have kittens in these areas. It can take a lot of effort to remove the animals from under your houses and can cause even more damage.

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Still, plenty of animal lovers are saying whoever is killing these animals needs to stop. The person responsible could face felony animal cruelty charges for their actions. According to the flyer, there is an ongoing investigation into the cat killings, and neighbors are being asked to review their security footage and report any suspicious activity to the El Paso Police Department.

If you have any information on the cat killings in the Kern Place area please contact the El Paso Police Animal Cruelty Unit at (915) 212-0880.

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