Beto O'Rourke from El Paso recently announced that he would be running against Ted Cruz for the Senate here in the state of Texas. And despite the fact that he never said he'd be running, U.S. Representative (D-Texas) Joaquin Castro from San Antonio was doing very well in the polls.

The polls had Beto running even with Ted Cruz, while the same poll had Castro actually ahead of Cruz. However, those numbers will change drastically because Castro has announced that he WILL NOT be running for the seat. Well, he hasn't officially announced it yet, but all signs are pointing that direction. It's being reported that Castro will bypass running for Senate, so that he can focus on his work in the House, which does include a seat on the House Intelligence Committee.

Of course you have to take the poll with a grain of salt because we are still so far out from this election, most people aren't even thinking about it yet.