For those of you still trying to social distance but are ready to get out gain, here are some of the best patios you can enjoy while supporting local. One thing we all know is for sure- things aren't normal. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans have spent the better portion of 2019 at home, isolating from others who don't live within their home. Trips to visit family have been put on hiatus, large events have been canceled, social gatherings have been paused, and we don't know when even the simple act of hugging will be back. After staying home for the past five months, some people are ready to start slowly heading back into society. There have been those who have been out and about this entire time, and on the other side of the spectrum, those who still don't feel comfortable enough to venture out yet. But for those of you who are wanting to start journeying out, going out to eat is probably one of the first activities people would want to partake in.

When someone heads out to a local restaurant, you're not only supporting a local business owner, you're also getting that desperately needed human interaction. People who live alone, continuing to social-distance has had a negative impact on their mental health, and going out to eat can be a great way to get some human interaction in an as safe as possible, socially-distanced way. Below are some locally-owned restaurants that have some wonderful patios you can enjoy. Some of the things we looked at for this list were the size of the restaurant's patio, their socially-distancing efforts, and the restaurant's overall ambiance.

Best Westside Restaurant Patios to Enjoy While Social Distancing

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