I miss the nights when I could wander around town to find the perfect late-night munchies.

Different groups of friends I would hang out with always had the same ritual after a fun night out. That ritual was to pick a place to stuff our faces and recap the night. It was always fun bumping into other friends of friends wherever you chose to get your munchies from.

You could usually find my friends and I posted up at Taco Cabana, Chico's Tacos, or McDonald's. Other times we would just go back to a friend's place to change into pajamas and snack on food there.

I can't remember the last place I stopped for late-night munchies because it has been THAT long. Just recently I had my very first nightcap (adult beverage) in a really long time. After having only one beer I quickly felt a buzz come on, which awakened a craving for flautas from El Cometa. Everyone has their own preference for the type of food they enjoy eating after a night of drinking.

Some places know the demographic of drinkers they can easily attract with a munchie menu items. Places I have seen that are busy working on fixing your craving are Whataburger, Chico's Tacos, El Cometa, and Taco Cabana. Pick your spot that you would order munchies from after a night out in El Paso below.

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