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When it comes to the best places to get food, Fieri is our guy. His show, "Diner's Drive In's & Dives" is as iconic as those frosted tips of his. And when he says a certain restaurant takes you to Flavortown, well you listen!

Fieri has been all over the country in search of the best foods, he's even graced the Sun City with a visit to some of our best restaurants. But now, the master has spoken and has declared the best of the best in the Lone Star State.

According to Mashed, Guy Fieri has declared that the Pecan Lodge in Dallas is the best barbeque you'll get in all of Texas. You can check out the video of how Fieri's visit to the Pecan Lodge went here.

Mashed says that the signature dish at Pecan Lodge is the beef brisket, which honestly looks amazing!

According to Mashed:

The signature dish is beef brisket, of course, and Pecan Lodges smokes theirs for up to 18 hours and serves it with house-made barbecue sauce. This Texas joint is also serving up ribs, pulled pork, and something called the "The Hot Mess," a sweet potato smothered with brisket, chipotle cream cheese and butter.

I couldn't find a picture of this "Hot Mess" but the description is enough to make your mouth water! Any picture I did find though, looked amazing.

Their menu looks like a typical barbeque menu, but to see exactly what it is that sets this one apart from other barbeque joints, it looks like you'll have to check it out yourself on a foodie road trip. The Pecan Lodge is located at 2702 Main St. in Dallas.

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