Chicken fried steak is a country food I absolutely love. The gravy, the crunchy coating, the mashed potatoes- I love it all!

Homemade Country Fried Steak

I know I'm in El Paso and we're very proud of our Mexican cuisine, but sometimes, a chicken fried steak just hits the spot! If you also sometimes get a hankering for a good chicken friend steak and you find yourself in the Lone Star State, then get your bib and fork and knife ready because I have got a list you need to see!

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Over at Texas Real Food, they've compiled a list of the 20 best places in Texas to get a chicken fried steak, and, my goodness, they all look delicious!

Where To Find The Best Chicken Fried Steak in Texas

Over in Strawn, TX. you will find a place called Mary's Café, where the saying "Everything's Bigger in Texas" is a lifestyle. Check out this chicken fried steak!

Jack & Dorothy's Café in Stephenville is a mom and pop shop where you could probably sit with pop and enjoy a chicken fried steak breakfast.

At the Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar in New Braunfels, the views are a pleasing as the chicken fried steak!

Over in Dallas, Ellen's will make you think your grandmama made this chicken fried steak!

In Houston, Pappy's Café modernizes your meal with the addition of a cocktail!

And at Norma's Café in Downtown Dallas, chicken fried steak is the exact definition of comfort food.

The list does have 14 more places, but, I won't torture you anymore with the food porn. Check out the list here and pick your next place to get a delicious chicken fried steak.

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