Ever have to take your phone in for service??

Be sure anything personal is off of it and any "instant on" features are disabled!!  It's really convenient that computers and phones and such "remember" your password.  Saves a few seconds, gives your memory a break ..... but what if someone else gets hold of your device?

That happened to a guy in Denver.  A store employee was able to access his facebook account and posted that he was "coming out of the closet".  Read the whole story here via yahoo.com.

We've all sat down at a friends computer or picked up their phone and typed something stupid, posted a picture of them passed out with sharpie mustaches ... something.  Imagine a stranger dropping personal secrets, or accessing bank accounts though.  Not so funny then huh??

NEVER leave automatic settings in place if you have to surrender your device(s) for repair, replacement, etc.  Just not a good idea.

Another bad idea is getting wasted and passing out with your phone or computer nearby. Embarrasing pictures of you (or statements about you) are bad enough. Even worse when they come from YOU!! :)

Now, let's hear some stories El Paso!!  (Cruces, you to!!)  What have you done to friends who were foolish enough to trust you around their unprotected smart phones and stuff??