If you're traveling this weekend, chances are you're traveling by car. And if you're traveling by car, chances of running into traffic are incredibly high. Especially if you're traveling today. Well according to AAA, Fox News, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution, here is some important info for traveling this weekend.

  • 44.2 million people plan to travel more than 50 miles this weekend.
  • Of those 44.2 million people, 37.5 million will be traveling by car.
  • The WORST time to be on the road is today (Friday, June 30th, 2017) between 2pm and 5pm. So either head out really early, or really late to avoid traffic.
  • The next worst time to be on the road is going to be right after fireworks on Tuesday, July 4th. Basically between 10 and 11pm.
  • The BEST day to be on the road between now and Tuesday? That would be this Monday, July 3rd.
  • And most importantly, be safe and smart when you're getting behind the wheel. An average of 118 people die in 4th of July crashes every year.

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