We'll start with the benefit news! 

Tuesday (12/21) Barnett Harley Davidson (one of my favorite hangouts!) is the place for a benefit show to to help the orphans living near the Juarez dump. The "Sister Suzy" concert will feature El Paso's own Refried Ice Cream.  Admission is simply a donation of any or some of the items the orphans are in need of. Things like blankets, bottled water, rice, dry beans and school supplies just to name a few. Cash donations will also be accepted. I will be there from 5-7, trading entrys to win KLAQ shirts and cd's for donations!  Stop by, help out a very worthy cause and have some fun!

In the "Just 'Cuz" category comes this; a list compiled at wired.com of the best road trip tunes.  I have no idea who actually voted for these songs, but here they are.  Along with a challenge!  The first 2 people that email me the names of the bands that did these songs will get a couple of free CD's to add to their collection. Use the bands that originally recorded the songs ok?  No cover versions accepted!!

1 Radar Love

2 Ramblin' Man

3 Runnin' Down A Dream

4 La Grange

5 I've Been Everywhere

6 Roadhouse Blues

7 The Distance

8 Highway Star

9 Ramble On

10 Fat Bottomed Girls

I'm not putting the exact link to the list in this blog 'cuz I feel giving you the web address is enough enabling for those of you to lazy .. or to forgetful .. to try and come up with names on your own!!

Ready? Set? Email!!!!!!!  I'll pick the two (2) winners at noon tomorrow. (12/17)  The earliest dated emails win!

And finally, the scary!  Some idiot has developed a new app that lets you vent when you see someone driving like an a__hole.  It's called "DriveMeCrazy".  I found an article about it while reading the road song list. You can read the entire article for yourself at wired.com.

I'll grant you, as far as the guilty pleasure you may get out of being able to tell someone off via text msg ( a "virtual ticket" if you will) or the satisfaction of being able to report a drunk driver; this doesn't seem like a bad idea.  The scary part is that the information can be forwarded on to others. The DPS, the cops, your insurance agent ....... your Mom.

For now it seems harmless, but the implications for the future are a little disconcerting.  With each passing day, it seems we lose another freedom or another element of privacy. This could totally be the next one!  Obviously there are issues with this.  Inacurracy first!!  (Imagine a pissed off ex reporting you over and over again for example.)  But at least two things are certain:

1) They are working on it. (It actually launched Wednesday)

2) If they can work out the "element of doubt" in these reports, you can bet they'll start fining you, raising your insurance rates or cutting off your allowance over them!!  Keep an eye on this one! 

Ok .. enough for one day. Now get back to your Christmas shopping!!!!!!!